Capital Travel Manuka Is an independent Travel Agency that has been operating in the Manuka Precinct since 1987. We pride ourselves on achieving the travel dreams of our clients in the Canberra region and beyond, leveraging 100+ years of combined team experience in the travel industry to create the ideal holiday to suit any needs.

Capital Travel are specialists in all types of travel consulting for both domestic and international, including cruises, coach tours, walking or gourmet tours, special interest tours, generational travel, groups, pilgrimages, corporate, conferences, to name a few. Click here to contact us and start your journey today.


Our specialists are at the heart of Capital Travel. With over 100 years of combined experience your travel dreams are in capable hands.

Lisa Calabria


My love for travel started at an early age, my first cruise was at the tender age of 2 years old. A cruise from Australia to Italy – apparently I loved it and was a hit with the Italian crew!

More travel occurred over the years to come , this inspired me in achieving my dream job with Qantas which gave me great training and experience within the industry. A few years later I started work at CTM and have now been here for 20 years and have recently become the owner of the business since July 2019.

I have been fortunate enough to travel to many places around the world and if I had to choose some favourites it would be Russia, Vietnam, Denmark, Canada and the USA . Last but not least is Italy. Italy does have a place in my heart and I thoroughly enjoy creating itineraries with my clients for this destination and believe myself to be a bit of an expert in this area.

I am looking forward to travelling to many more places in the future such as Ireland, Spain, Alaska, the Kimberley’s and the Antarctic. Quite a diverse list!

Raika Naidoo

Travel Consultant

In the 80’s I enrolled into University to study Law, needless to say it was the height of civil unrest, and the wrong time to have a law degree… I decided to further my studies and follow my passion with a Diploma in Travel and Tourism in the early 90’s and then got employed by a travel agency and never looked back!

My favourite destination will have to be Egypt, my love for history, art and ancient culture will have to be the driving force for my love-affaie with Egypt… My most recent trip before COVID-19 was a trip to Ecuador, Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Rain Forest.

Maybe it’s time to brave the cold of Polar Regions, but who knows where my next adventure awaits…

Anyone can sell travel, when you come to our office you have the wealth of us being in travel for more than 28 years plus, as you would invest in a home, you would want to invest with a Travel Professional to build a dream holiday…


Travel Consultant

I have worked in the travel industry since the late 70’s, working in travel agencies and also with airlines, namely Qantas and Singapore Airlines.  My last 19 years though have been at my desk here at Capital Travel Manuka.

I have been privileged to travel quite extensively over this time, but with having a large family in the UK, I tend to get drawn back to Europe and the UK to pop in and see my family.  Having said that some of my most memorable trips have been Cruising the Inside Passage on a small ship for 14 days, and also experiencing Canada and the Rocky Mountaineer, but another favourite is India.  For a relaxing holiday, I loved Tahiti.

The world has so many interesting and different places to visit, hopefully I can tick a few more destinations off my wish list.

Christine Gunning

Travel Consultant

I have been a travel consultant all my working life. I enjoy the diversity of travel and all it has to offer. From the hustle and bustle of Asia and New York to the outback wildness of Canada, Africa, and Australia. The historic area of Peru, Egypt and the Great Wall of China to the battlefields of Europe. The manmade city of Tokyo, Las Vegas and Dubai to the nature beauty of the Cinque Terre, Meteora in Greece and the Flam railway Norway to the beaches of the Maldives. I am very diverse!

I am always looking out for a new different place to explore.

Trish Smith

Senior Travel Consultant

After 30+ years in the travel industry, Trish is still passionate in helping clients fulfill their dream holidays.

Liz Osborne

Office Manager

Liz has kept the office at Capital Travel running smoothly for over 27 years!


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